Social Media And Conversion: Getting Leads Without Greasing Your Elbows

Selling your product/service is an art, in which you must be proficient if you want to make your business successful and acquire potential leads. Your job as an organization is not limited to manufacturing a product and placing it in the market. Your competitor is also doing that, so how does it make you any different?

The answer lies in the presentation technique and the energies you commute while presenting your products. Your enthusiasm and complete devotion towards your job catch with the audiences making them devoted to you and your brand.

When salespersons had limited access without social media in earlier days; what do you think worked for them? They were a true artist in convincing their customers without being overbearing. The one word that clicks in all times is “being subtle”. This is a sophisticated skillful approach where you guide your target visitors towards conversion without being high-handed or overbearing.

Be agile and engaged

What the saying goes- “out of sight out of mind”. This means that your brand must always be visible on social media platforms. Visibility itself is not sufficient, but good regular inputs to keep the audience engaged and interested is important. A number of likes, shares and other responses you may get with one quality post on social media platforms may not qualify you to be a successful brand overnight.

It is the consistent long-term input on the social profiles that have made great brands a king in their fields.

The other important factor is being active and responsive to your followers. The consumers are suckers for attention; and if you are responding to their messages and comments, they will become your loyal fans. Although you need a good team to manage and respond to the flowing traffic.

Build relevant content

It is important to understand that each social media platform has its own specialty, and one content cannot fit all. You must customize relevant content.

Similarly, a personal profile is different from a business page. You may address your audience with the same warmth and cheer, but the content has to be different. You want your audience to convert into leads when they visit your page. The whole difference begins here.

Facebook viewers love videos and can spend time to watch them for hours. However, audiences on other platforms like Instagram have no patience to watch long videos. They want immediate info.

In short, the content that is best on one platform may not work on the other. Hence seeing the platform and the audiences you must create relevant content.

Don’t just push your audiences to link related post with your content

When audiences visit your advertisements for new products, don’t just direct them with links to your site, instead, offer a tutorial or something that the audiences can gain interest in when they see your advertisement. The audience wants something more there itself than being shoved to your links.

The best way to attract and understand the consumers is to feel and behave like one. Once you look from their perspective, you will understand how to show your product.

We all know how Coca Cola designed a brand culture. Coco-Cola has always advertised its product with a combination. Like pizza with Coco-Cola. The audiences want both pizza and Coca Cola. When they will eat pizza, they will have Coca Cola.

Similarly, when the audience sees the red dress of Santa, they will remember Coca Cola.

Have you ever thought about how Santa got his red dress? He was originally dressed in green, which was transformed to red by Coca Cola.  However, nobody remembers his green dress.

Accepted that you may not have funds like big brands, but you can still create great advertising matter with a bigger brand concept and long-term strategies like Coca Cola.

Closely following up your posts

While social media platforms offer great exposure and a promising advertising arena, it is cut-throat ruthless when it comes to the smallest mistake made by you. While you may present your content after good research, you must also track the responses of your audiences. From the responses, you will be able to gauge your mistakes and rectify them.

Analyzing your marketing strategy is equally important. There is much social media analytical tool that you can employ to understand your audiences. The statistics give a clear picture of what your audience likes and what they reject. On the basis of this report, you can further improve, re-plan your strategies and get on the move to wooing your audiences.

Targeting the right audience

You know that there are varied audiences on the social media platform. You can’t target all, depending upon your product you need to categorize your audiences. The product you have created may be universal or for a specific audience. Your team must have already done research on the audiences while working on the product.

The social media platform contains demographics/stats of audiences’ interest, geographical location, characteristics, gender, etc, that can help you to categorize your audiences. The more categorical you are, the better-defined your audiences will be, which will help you target your advertisement precisely and accurately.

Contact the influencers

Influencers are people who can affect the decisions of buyers. They have established a reputation because of which people believe and follow them. These influencers can affect the movement of your audiences. So, why not get your hands on these influencers?

Apparently, influencers are not so easy to contact, but a right approach towards them can do the trick. You need to convince them and there are various propositions to do this. The only thing significant is your selection depending upon the social media platform you wish to invade.

For example, if you are looking to promote your product on Instagram, it is best to dispatch a free product to the influencer. They can use and post pics of them with the product thereby influencing the audiences to buy it.

Similarly, if you are in the software business and want to post tutorials on Facebook, you can send a software tool to a great influencer on Facebook to launch a free trial session for your product.

Same is true in case of LinkedIn, which is a B2B platform, where the conversation usually surrounds around software and handy tools.

In the case of Twitter and Snapchat, you need to present content that is both relevant and thought-provoking.

Be a step ahead in your strategy

You have an advertisement rolling on a social media platform, and people also get influenced and begin to visit your website. If you are not prepared to handle and guide the traffic on your website, the whole advertising strategy becomes pointless. People feel disgusted if your website does not open easily or buffers while showing the products.

They will leave and you will lose a valuable customer. The best option, however, is to provide easy login access. The easier and quicker the method, the better the conversion rate will be.

Employing social media resources

Social media is a well of resources from where you can pull out the necessary information to conduct your marketing strategy. These details are obviously legit and within the parameters of crossing the privacy code of the audiences.

All people sign-in to social media via emails. Imagine how many emails you can get and turn it to your benefit. Email marketing is a very popular and effective way of marketing. Again, the whole email marketing depends upon your content.

You must use your skills to develop content for email marketing such that it influences your audiences to take your services. You will need to convince them and make them understand the feasibility of your product.

Email marketing not only reaches out to a large number of audiences but also jolts in-active viewers into potential leads.

Be more specific on your email marketing

You can of course with permission get some more precise information about your customers. This can make your email marketing more precise, leading to better conversions.

Assign incentive contents

Incentives are another important content feature that can enhance your traffic flow. Incentives include questionnaires, polls, and surveys of your posts. Incentives allow your audiences to comment on your product. This not only makes them feel valuable by seeking their opinion and advice in the development of the product but makes them turn into a loyal customer.

Make analytics the foundation of your marketing strategy

We have already mentioned how you can make use of analytics to gauge the success of your campaign. However, you must also organize comprehensive research after your advertising campaign is over.

You will not feel greasing of your elbow if you simultaneously track and keep records of your feedback and campaign and study and analyze them after the campaign is over.

The records and data will not only guide your future campaign but will also steer your business in the right direction and towards expansion.

So, with the help of this guide, you can learn to employ social media platforms for effective conversions. Once you use it you will understand that it was not so difficult. Each platform is designed to be user-friendly and accommodating, with access to varied tools that enhance your journey.

However, you must not fear to make mistakes as mistakes can be your best teachers, and they help you to cope with and learn to manage the damage. Although you must plan well to avoid major mistakes.

Quality content and an eagle’s eye on the way your lead responds may take you towards success in converting successful leads in a flash.







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