Refund Policy

At Tripping Vibe Digital, WE believe in providing utmost customer satisfaction to one and all. Keeping this in mind, we do not provide our client’s information to any third party. You can be relaxed because we never release your data to anyone without your consent or approval. We offer a very simple and direct refund policy to our clients and reserve all rights to refuse the refund requests in cases like:

When a customer demands refund just after receiving the service

In situations when a customer demands refund for something that is not available with us or at our official website. This can include the customer requesting refund of money for some features that we not claim to provide or are not even listed in the product feature list.

When the customer informs about changing the plan or decision to hire our service, saying that he/she will not use it after receiving the particular service

We offer refund of payment to our customers and clients in cases such as:

When the customer intends to cancel the order before we have started working on the project/service/order placed

If the customer accidently purchase some service more than once for the same project/site

So, as you can see that our refund policy is direct with NO jargons, you can trust us for all your Search Engine Optimization needs.