Link Building Success Through Guest Posting

Businesses are investing hugely in digital marketing. You cannot succeed tomorrow without having a digital marketing strategy today. Content marketing is the most crucial aspect of digital marketing. It is a unique method of engaging with your customers and creating awareness of your products or services.

Millions of people are hooked on the Internet and engaged in buying products online. You may miss on this large section of consumers if your business is not online and you are not posting content regularly.

Even if you have a wide reach across the Internet; engaging your customers with good content is equally important for your business. You are able to engage customers who visit your website through the posts added on your website. You also create awareness about your brand through various social media platform by utilizing content suitable for the relative medium, like videos, images, etc.

Apparently, there are still many useful consumers who may not know about you or your brand.

What is Guest blogging?

Do you want to engage your customers? How do you do that? You can talk about your product on other business websites, and engage their audiences, and divert them to your own website. This is a very popular marketing strategy that Google also approves of. This marketing strategy is better known in the world of digital marketing as Guest Blogging.

Guest blogging is a superb marketing strategy to increase traffic to your website, enhance brand promotion and get loads of backlinks. Guest blogging is another aspect of content writing, a successful SEO technique in the digital marketing arena. In guest blogging, you write and publish content about your business on the third-party website.

Selecting a third-party website

The world of Internet is not small and finding a third-party website is a mammoth job. However, there are many techniques that Google offers that come handy while finding a party that appreciates Guest Blogging. Not all websites do guest blogging. You need to find websites that not only appreciates such blogging but also promotes it on the various social media platforms.

There is a long list of such websites, you need to select the one that is best for your business. On the contrary, you must choose a site that is relevant to your products/services. Depending upon your services you can finalize websites that may be related to or identify with your products. This way, the visitors coming to that website must have an interest in your product too. With guest blogging, you can encourage them to visit your website and later convert into potential leads.

If you are looking for a shortcut then you can log into your rival’s website and check their backlinks. You may find links to guest posting, which you may like to approach.

How can Google help you in finding the relevant website for guest blogging?

Google has all answers, only you have to employ the right method to get to your required search. You first need to search for keywords relevant to your business. Once you have got the right keywords you can add the keyword with the guest blog in the search bar. The guest blog must be quoted as to disintegrate with your keyword and give a clear message to Google about your search.

To easily find guest posting sites, you can use Google. All you need to know is how to use the relevant keywords to find sites for guest posting. Here are a few examples of what keywords you can use to find guest posting sites: 

Guest post- A guest post will give you the lists of sites that offer guest blogging.

Guest post by- Guest post by will give you the list of guest bloggers.

Contribute to our blog/Contribution guidelines/Guest post guidelines- These 3 searches will assist you in understanding the protocol of guest posting.

Accepting guest post/Submit a guest post-These two phrases will help you narrow down to sites that have dedicated pages for guest post submissions. 

By searching these sites under quotation mark preceded with your keyword, you will get a complete overview of the process that may help you plan your strategy for guest blogging.

Acknowledging the guest bloggers

You may be new to this field, but there is an entire club of guest bloggers. Some of them may be quite famous in the world of content marketing. Identify them and follow them. You can learn a lot from them about their styles and the sites they are guest blogging. Visit the sites they are blogging, and like and share their blogs. Use various social media platforms especially Twitter to tag them.

This could be a good way to introduce yourself and to get an entry to the guest blogger club.

Proposing for guest blogging

Your proposal to guest blogging to a third-party website must be sincere and professional.  Your email must not address the company, but the owner of the company, whom you wish to request for guest blogging.  Propose details about your business, content and your desire to do a guest blog on their sites. You must attach the URL of your live content on your website. End the mail with your personal email address.

Proposing in this manner keeps you in good books of the owner. Even if they are not interested now, they will look out for you later and can even recommend you to other guest blogging sites.

Preparing for guest blogging

Writing is an evolutionary field and being open to new ideas and concept will make you better in this. While writing for your own website you may follow a certain format. However, you need to study the format, style, font of the posts published on the website you have chosen to guest blog on.

You will have to abide by their rules. You may be writing long detailed blogs for your website, but if the site has short posts you will need to write according to their requirements. At the same time, you cannot directly market your products/services, you need to be subtle in the approach. Your blog posts, however, must be able to direct the visitors to your website or make them like and share on various social media platforms.

The third-party owner voluntarily may promote your blogs/posts on various social media platforms. This will surely add weight to your efforts. As your blog will move in their circle creating awareness of your business to a larger audience, the links you will share on your blogs will also push your backlinks numbers.

While guest blogging, you must also consider the type of audiences visiting that site. If the subject is B2B then you can write in a professional manner. If the audiences are a regular audience, you will need to catch their attention. You cannot, however, mix the style. The style must suit the audience.

While guest blogging, you must produce good quality blogs that are grammatically correct with proper flow and balance of content.

Choosing the topic

With suitable keywords, you can select a topic. However, it’s best to do extensive research in selecting the topic. Before guest posting, you must study the website and the blogs posted on a regular basis to understand the audiences visiting the sites. Google provides many tools for you to analyze the audiences to get a better understanding of what they want. 

As per the analysis of the audience’s needs, choose topics that may click with them.

The right time to guest blogging

You have requested for guest blogging to different sites. When the site refers to your business on social media, you can take the clue and approach them for guest blogging. As you are looking for opportunity, the site owners also look for guest blogging. They may advertise for guest blogging and if you find any such advertisement, you can send your proposal.

You can also keep a close tab at the sites you are looking for and when you see a new guest post you can approach them.

Analyze why sites do guest blogging

The marketing technique recommends to always see from other’s perspective to plan a strong strategy. If you are competing you must think from the mindset of your rivals, then only you can pitch the ball right. Similarly, if you are guest blogging you must understand the strategy behind the sites. Once you understand you will be able to present your blogs in a more productive manner.


Guest blogging is not a one-time effort but a continuous effort. You may not succeed in the first time; in fact, you should not expect instant results. Since it may take months to get the response. You must keep a tab of your emails to look for further references.

You can also use tools and metrics to analyze the impact of guest blogging. Analyzing is important as it can help you plan better the next time.

Guest blogging may take time; hence you must continue it on more relevant sites. It will gradually make way to success.

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